About the Author

1KSV bio portraitHi.  I’m that quiet kid who never said much in class, but was always doing something — waxing poetic about the Beatles or Batman, down in the basement drilling holes with my dad’s hand drill, or up in a tree somewhere.

First I wanted to be an astronaut like John Glenn.  Then I wanted to be a secret agent like Illya Kuryakin of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  Somewhere along the way to my 60th birthday I managed to achieve one of my many childhood goals by becoming a performing musician.  (Never expected it to be on clarinet, though; at age seven I was sure it was going to be electric guitar, and in my teens I was just as sure that keyboards in a progressive rock band like Yes or Genesis were my destiny.)

I’ve worked a wide variety of jobs, had a few odd experiences, and come through it with sanity mostly intact.  This blog is my way of sorting through it all to identify the things that have worked, and that continue to work.  My wish is that you find 1KSV useful, entertaining or thought-provoking —

— or better yet, all three.