Why I didn’t go out to the garage for 2×4’s today

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It’s 6 p.m. on New Year’s Day 2019. For the past few days I’ve been wrestling with myself, trying to learn how to relax, and the plan was to not work on anything and just take it easy.

As usual, it was a struggle. While lying in bed this morning, thinking about getting up but staying put because it was so much cozier in bed, my brain went into the dreaded Logistics Mode and started working through a puzzle that’s been annoying me for a few days now.

The problem involves some very long 2×4’s, nine of them in total, all of them 12′ long. Three are already in the garage, and six more have to be purchased. One by one, they all have to come into the house.

But how? I could bring them inside through either the front or back door, maybe even get them onto the staircase, but at the top of the stairs there’s a tight 90° turn. I’ve managed to get 8′ lumber and even 8′ long sheets of drywall and plywood up the stairs and around that corner. Anything longer just won’t fit.

Short of cutting a hole in the floor, I see only one feasible option: Bring the lumber in through one of the second-floor windows. Toss a rope out from upstairs, attach a C clamp to one end of the board, tie the rope to the clamp, prop the clamped end of the board up against the house, go back inside and pull. It’s a crazy idea but it just might work, especially if I use a window in the room where I intend to use these nine boards.

I cannot even begin to explain how difficult how it was for me to not jump out of bed, throw on some clothes, rush outside and try this. I could have just used the excuse that the temperature was -20°C today, not counting the windchill, but that didn’t deal with the real problem:

It’s New Year’s Day. Why am I even thinking about working on something like this?  Why not just relax?

In the end I came to my senses, at least in principle. Made a pot of coffee and had a slice of last night’s pizza for breakfast. Read for a while. Worked on a couple of craft projects, using a sewing machine and tiny paintbrushes rather than lumber and clamps and rope. Played clarinet, then got out my bass clarinet for a few minutes, then turned on the piano for a few minutes more.

And now, as I type this, I finally feel that something got done today and that I can relax — but only until my brain gets another bright idea that it wants done Right Here, Right Now. The battle is on.

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