That was awesome. Can I sleep now?

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This week has been… interesting.  And busy.  Busier than usual, in fact.  I’ve been out every evening except Tuesday, and Tuesday was a close one — I almost jumped in the car and went out for coffee.

When I staggered up to my desk at about 11:30 this Saturday evening, it marked one long exhalation after working through a list of things to do and places that I had to be.  

  • Clarinet lesson on Monday.
  • As mentioned, Tuesday turned into my day off.
  • Played a concert on Wednesday, and then hung out with the band for a couple of hours.
  • Writer’s group on Thursday, followed by nearly two hours of grocery shopping.
  • Royal Astronomical Society meeting on Friday.
  • Played a concert on Saturday morning, did some demolition in the back yard on Saturday afternoon, and went out to see the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra on Saturday evening.

On paper this whole week looks like a logistics nightmare, but in reality everything dovetailed nicely.  I exchanged my Friday night symphony ticket for a Saturday one to permit me to go to the Friday astronomy meeting, where I heard Alan Dyer ( speak about auroras.  By doing the ticket swap I was able to be at the farewell for Winnipeg Symphony music director Alexander Mickelthwate, who is moving on to the Oklahoma Philharmonic next season.

Somewhere in between, apparently I played a couple of solos in the New Horizons jazz band at their spring concert.  It’s a bit of a blur.  I also ripped a bunch of stuff off a gazebo roof, which is not nearly as blurry in my memory.  (The piles of shingles in the garage and the back yard are a dead giveaway.)

As a rule I’ve been trying to take it a bit easier and pace myself, but sometimes external commitments make that difficult.  If I buy a season ticket, I use it.  If I join a band, I come to rehearsals and I come out to the gigs.  If I join a club, I try to attend as many meetings as possible.  It doesn’t always work, though.  Another potential Saturday night event had to get bumped to make room for the symphony, which had been bumped to make room for the astronomy.  There was also an unfortunate overlap of the Saturday morning concert with the startup session for another band that runs through the summer, but I’m already familiar with most of the repertoire and should be up to speed by next practice.

The logical solution, of course, is to stop making so many commitments.  I’ve already volunteered to play in the summertime band, which has most of its rehearsals and gigs on Wednesday evenings, but I might drop the September-to-May one that meets at 9 a.m. on Saturdays.  I’ll probably miss three or four writer’s group meetings because of some travel and then a dance class in July and August, but I can still hang out at the coffee shop and write on my own time.

As exhausting as this self-imposed madness can be at times, it does have a couple of things in its favour.  It brings me experiences, and the experiences bring me knowledge.  And as long as knowledge is power, I’ll be seeking out more experiences.

Even on those too-busy days when I feel I’m running on fumeszzzzz…



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