Verbing the New Year

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I have a whiteboard in my office.  About this time in early 2017 I wrote three resolutions targeted specifically to my avocation as a woodwind player in local community concert bands:

2017:  Fast. Accurate. Relaxed.

Keeping this in mind did help me somewhat, and overall I’m a better player than I was at the start of 2017.

2018, however, is a little different.  Take a look at this year’s resolution:

2018:  Write. Play. Travel.

I’ve gone from adjectives to verbs.  I’ve gone from three nebulous behaviours, subjective and sometimes hard to quantify, to three actions.  By creating this blog post I’ve already scored a point on the first action, “Write.”  The next time I pick up a flute or clarinet or sax, or even if I just sit down at the piano and pound out a few bars of “Linus and Lucy” by Vince Guaraldi, “Goalll!”

Where will the “Travel” imperative take me, though?  I don’t know yet.  A short list is already coalescing in my mind.  Perhaps I’ll celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada by going to a conference or camping out with other amateur astronomers at a star party.  This might be a good year to go to Indianapolis for GenCon, a gathering of gamers and science fiction/fantasy aficionados.  Perhaps what I need is a visit to an art gallery or a science museum in a city I’ve never visited.  I might even dare to step outside my comfort zone and spend a few days communicating in French or Spanish.  (I already have Iceland pencilled in for 2019.)

The year is young and the world is very big.  This promises to be interesting.


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